Monday, May 6, 2013

Looking Back . . .

Any of you, who know me well, know that I have a absurd attraction to ancestor photos.  I am very curious to know who is who and what is what when I see these old black and whites of yesteryear.

Mother and I had a great time looking through old photos when I was last with her.  But I did not have the idea then that I want to chronicle my life on my blog.  So my eyes were not completely open to what I am looking for now.  I would love to find a photo the 'The House'.

My sisters know that when I talk of 'The House' I am referring to the big log house where life began for three of us.  I have bits and pieces of said house but no one seems to have stood back by the workshop or over by the barn and snapped a photo of the entire house.

But there I am, with our Ford, Father's pride and joy (the car).  My first memories come from that house and surrounding out buildings.  

'The House' has left such an indelible mark on my brain that I think much of my life stems from that structure.  My fascination with houses and nesting, my desire for making things comfortable and my recurring dream that centres around a house all can probably be traced back to this house.

We moved out of this place when I was going into second grade and moved on down the road closer to the school for Mother's sake, I guess.  And then the next year we moved to southern Alberta to greener pastures.

There are countless stories in this place...The John J. Kandt family came here first, then the Bert Kandt family (me and mine), next the Robert Kandt family and finally the Marvin Kandt family.  At least I think that is how it was.

This view of the house on the far, far left shows the relationship of house to barn.  Now, Mother's garden was between these two buildings so this must have been early, early spring as I don't see any garden growing yet. 

So, this is the beginning of my chronicle...I would love any input from sisters, cousins or Uncle Ben to tell me if I have things remembered correctly or not.  

There were good times and there were hard times in this house.  I choose to remember most clearly, the good times.

Treasure your memories and share one very fond thing you remember from your childhood.

Be well.


  1. how did grandpa K go from being Ford guy to a Chevy guy? what's the story there? wow..

    1. I have other evidence that he was not always a GM man...In fact I do not know where that myth came from. When we first moved south he had a Dodge car, though that did not stay around long.

      I believe he was a Ford man when necessary and a GM man when necessary. He sold cars and fixed cars for dealers of both. He did what was expedient. Looking back I do not believe Father spread the myth...I think it was done by others.

      Thanks for stopping by! Good day to you too.