Monday, May 20, 2013

Progress, Part 2

Yesterday evening after a long day outdoors battling the weed syndicate around here, I decided it would be good to snap some photos before the lighting was gone.  I grabbed my camera, turned my head towards the ocean and couldn't believe what I was seeing...

it appeared that the tide was coming in, with style?  Why the dramatic difference in the colour of the water?  Spring?  I called Sherwin and we watched the phenomenon with interest. In just a few minutes...

it travelled quite a distance.  But since I was there to capture some of my garden before dark I turned away to other sites.

Two of my raised beds required tilling so I took out my little baby rototiller in the morning and gave my shoulders more of a workout than they had for a few weeks.  Phew!  But am happy to have peppers, tomatoes, beets, dill, zinnias, marigolds, nasturtium, and my canna lilies planted.  There are some permanent plants out there that are flourishing...

like the fennel which looks so lush.  Rhubarb has just not worked here so I ripped out my pathetic little plants, never to try that here again.

As we work at spring clean-up on this hilltop it is rewarding to wander around at the end of the day and see what is working, though.

The clematis has never looked better, probably because I gave it a royal whacking last fall before we left.  But, on the other hand, it maybe gave it's all this year because there has been a mother robin nesting within it's branches.  

Love the flowers on this Brunnera...wish they would last all summer.  You can see the light is fading on the north side of the house so it was time to call it a day but I heard the noisy clatter/buzz of the rock saw and had to capture Sherwin preparing to lay the heavy wires for the generator.  

He spent the morning ridding my garden walkway of weeds...very encouraging to have him help me.  

You all have a great new well.


  1. Love the blue of those forget-me-nots! So pretty!

    1. They are lovely, aren't they? They are called Brunnera...maybe related to forget-me-nots? The flash gave them a stronger blue than they actually have in reality. Thanks.

  2. Beautiful water place and pretty plants....