Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking Over My Shoulder at 2011...

It went by so quickly...2011, that is.  Just 'yesterday' we were sharing ideas and lists for what we wanted to do in 2011 and now we are about to say good-night to the months, days, hours and minutes that roared by.

So, for a brief moment in time, come with me for a view of my year that is almost past. Looking back at my photo files for the year it is easy to see where 2011 went.

January found us at home weathering an island winter and from the photos it appears that it was rather mild and pleasant.

We knew that this was the year of the House Re-do so already Sherwin was working on plans and processes.

In February Shelby and family arrived for a weekend together.  It is always so good to have children come home.

Don't you think Beatrice suits our house?

March found us heading south to visit friends and family in California.  Sherwin's sister, Dolores, had her 80th birthday which we wanted to celebrate with her and husband, Merritt.

We also went past Angwin where we spent some time during Sherwin's college years.  We enjoyed our time with Duane and Mary Cronk ...

and lunch with Myron Widmer was a real treat...

And we paid a quick visit to 'Elmshaven', a wonderful old house.  It has great potential (as seen through the eyes of an interior decorator) but is open to the public as a heritage home.

California is a great place to visit.

Right after that short jaunt Sherwin and I went on separate vacations, something we had never done before.  He headed to Arizona to spend time with Lorne, his golf buddy, and I headed east to Paris.

For the first seven days Marilyn and I packed every day full with the sights, smells and wonderful tastes of this city.  Then my friend Gail came and the two of us had a great time together, exploring as much of the city as we could grasp in nine more days.  It was all over way too soon.  I love to look at the photos taken but I will only share two photos here. I do have over 3500 pictures of my time there  but I won't bore you.  You do have to be there to understand.

But how do I just show you two photos...

I could tell you stories and show you photos for hours.  On my way home I tried to analyze the greatest treasure of the trip and decided it definitely was the pictures I took and the stories of our lives there.  If anyone wants a companion for a trip to Paris, just give me a call.

In May Sherwin started to dig a hole for the foundation for the first pillar in the garage. This pillar is one of the supports for the portico and studio stretching across the drive from house to garage.

From then on, through the rest of this year, something has been done towards our goal most every day.  If you will go to Sherwin's blog you will see the photos he shows of the progress through the year.   His most recent post is a synopsis of the year from his perspective but you can scroll back and see all the work done to date.

At the end of the month all our children came home for Memorial Day.  Every time we get together I declare that we must get a photo of the 9 of us together and we have yet to do that.  Hmmm...

June and July went by quickly with all the prep work for the building project.  And in August Sherwin and I celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary.  The only photo I can find that has that date on it is this sunset.  Is that an omen or harbinger of the future?

From the middle of July through the end of September and even through most of October we were blessed with great weather for our outdoor work building and gardening.  Idyllic, actually.

In November we gathered with all our children in Oregon to celebrate the whole year.  Kim became an American citizen; Sherilee, Sherwin and I all had recent birthdays; Sherilee and Alan celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary on Thanksgiving Day and then because of conflicting schedules and commitments we celebrated Christmas while we were all together there in November.

In December we flew to Kelowna to spend a few days with Mother and Bobbi, celebrating Christmas.

And now we want to wish you a great new year with good health and happiness.

"You don't need a new plan for next year.  You need a commitment."  
                                              - Seth Godin


  1. It was a great year, indeed! Thanks so much for sharing it with the rest of us on your blog. :-)

  2. Yesterday we were looking back on where we have been... and it was a great year... but today we must look ahead and chart the path that we are going to take. A day to write down some things and then do them.

    I am looking forward to a good year in spite of the gloomy economic climate. It will be good because I have you by my side... and you are the best encouragement anyone could ever have.

    The world may go to hell in a hand basket, but as long as we are together life is good.