Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mid-Week Mystery...What Could This Be?


  1. A reflection of the Empress Hotel in the bay?

  2. Rain on windows... you're on the ferry or in the truck or on an airplane? See, I'm covering my bases. The lights could just be regular lights, but part of me wants to believe they're Christmas lights, of course!

  3. Sherilee, you are all over this one! I was in the truck with Shirley when she was shooting a number of photos waiting in line at the Sidney ferry terminal to come home.

    The cars going to Salt spring were driving past us that evening as the ferry was loading. It was really raining hard and the sky was dark. The red are tail lights... and the whiter parts are other lights at the ferry terminal. The soft focus was because of the heavy rain on the windshield.

    Good job girl!