Friday, December 23, 2011

View From 4-F

Winging our way out of Victoria yesterday, I thought I would snap a photo of the ocean and islands below, though at first I was somewhat miffed that there was this huge propeller in my line of vision...

Amazed at the results with the propeller blade showing up in slow motion, I had to keep on is a short trip between Victoria and Vancouver and soon I was snapping Mt. Baker too.

Thought you may enjoy this...we are happy to be settled into Christmas in Kelowna.

God Bless you all and be well.


  1. Shirley, you need to tell everyone that these photos were shot on an I-phone... and when you tried to shoot this with your Nikon D200 there was just a bluuuur and not the cool multiple blades.

    Great accidental capture!

    Sitting in a seat next to a propeller that is whirling at a gizillion rpm's makes one wonder if any blades have ever come off??? Scary thought, eh?

  2. Love it! Somehow, the post title seems familiar. ;-)

  3. Brent, you may need to think about copyright infringement issues with your headlines??

    Ma, fabulous shot. Just crazy fun.

    Merry merry to you. Wish you were here or we were there or some such nonsense... xoxo

  4. this is SO cool. we love and miss you!! xoxo

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