Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 2, April 8

Last night when I wrote Day 1 I was snookered so thought I would try to get to bed earlier tonight...yesterday on the plane I was so sleepy I think I had nodded off before the plane even left the ground.  And I slept really well here last night.

Did I mention that there was a surprising amount of snow still on the ground here?  This is Marilyn's back yard and it is downright chilly.

The first thing that happens in this household every morning is 'the walking of the dogs'...rain or shine, snow or sleet, this is no. 1 on the agenda.

Marilyn lives in a pleasant neighbourhood that has a large variety of houses.  There are little old wee ones...

And there are massively huge unusual ones under construction...

Yes, this is a residence under construction...

The neighbour's sold their house when they saw what was happening next door...

So if the house is too small, or the house is too large (or too odd), we can show you some that are just right...Marilyn loves this little doll house.

All in all it was a gorgeous day and we had a lovely time.  Shopping was accomplished in great style as only Calgary can offer, an extraordinarily yummy pizza was shared for lunch and once again it is time to say good night.  I know this doesn't sound like much of an adventure going on yet on my part but what can I was a brilliantly sunny lovely day!

I must learn to take photos of the great food we eat...will in Paris...and the purchases of the day to keep the ladies interested and for the men I will include car chases if I see any.  Oh by the way, I did catch a policeman nabbing someone this morning on our way into downtown...

There...that was the height of the excitement we saw today...more adventures later.

Thank you all for your comments and encouragements.  I promise you more tomorrow!!!  Speaking of tomorrow I better shut my lights off and go to sleep...the hired car will be here for us at 8:30 and that will come soon.

Love to all.


  1. Interesting neighborhood with all the different architectural styles.

  2. Burrrrrr! Looks kind of cold there. We golfed on Friday and it was 75-80 F. but today it has been cloudy with some rain.

    We went to church and lunch after at Stan & Sharryl's.

    I loved the crazy house under construction. How would the building inspector ever know if a wall was crooked? Pretty weird stuff.