Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 3, April 9

Day three began early for me...when I have a ferry or a plane to catch I have difficulty sleeping in so Marilyn put me in charge of wake-up and sure enough I was wide awake by 4.  I did not wake her until close to 6.  Her alarm went off but that did not wake her; it was only Rosebud jumping down from the bed coming to me that woke her.  Oh, do I envy that marvellous ability to sleep.  Then we were off and running...

The question we know what we are doing?  Do we know where we are going?  Found this question mark in the terminal and thought it appropriate for us at that moment...

See my pretty new shoes?

Goodbye Calgary...see you in a couple weeks!  The older I have become the fonder I am of least the concept of Canada or maybe the memories of Canada but fond, nevertheless...

For the three and a half hour flight we enjoyed food and a movie...we each had our own monitor but we both watched Narnia:  The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  It was so good.  If you have not seen it yet you would enjoy it, I am sure.  When Aslan makes his inevitable appearance you will be thrilled!

I took that picture on my little monitor on the seat ahead of me.  Had to show you...and I also thought you would take note of all the Canadiana I was shooting yesterday.  Hence the Tim Horton photo...

Toronto airport is full of sculpture too...these lions are life size at least...rather large and awesome.

And you will note how large these pieces are in another area...big airport, big art.

After having a few hours layover in the very nice Air Canada lounge, we boarded a 777 for our Paris leg of the trip.  I knew we were going to have sleeping accommodations but I was not prepared for this. We each had a pod that was isolated for the other passengers and we could stretch out and sleep.  We were served dinner and then tried to sleep.  I believe I got about 3 hours with Marilyn having less success.

I took a snap of my neighbours across the aisle.  Marilyn and I had window seats and these fellows were in the middle of the airplane.  There were 2 sections of these pods accommodating about 50 first class/executive passengers.  To the left of these fellows you see the screens still stowed along with a tray along that wall too.  The chair stretched out so you could actually sleep.  Very narrow though so I had a difficult time getting comfortable enough to sleep but when I woke in the morning I was very comfy so must have worked it out.

The movie choices were the same as on the first leg because we were still with Air Canada.  I chose Fair Game with Sean Penn.   It is the true story of Valerie Plane, a former CIA covert agent and her husband Ambassador Wilson. Tough story but I would bet it pretty much told it like it was.

Marilyn watched Tron; we did this while we ate dinner and then the lights were dimmed and it was night-night time.  I do remember waking once when we were way out over the Atlantic and the plane went wiggle, wiggle.  Sort of scary but I just closed my eyes again and said good night.  So ended our 3rd day of adventure.


  1. I love the individual pods, that's the way to fly.
    Thanks for the pics.

  2. ooooh, yes. the pods. the one and only example of when i am completely delighted to be a pod person! happy about your pretty shoes. the narnia movie was so good, wasn't it? we all really loved it. xo!

  3. You guys look very chic for that time of the day.. looking forward to the pictures from Paris.