Saturday, April 30, 2011

In Recollection

Two weeks ago today my sister Marilyn and I took the train out to Versailles.

Photo was taken at the back of the Palace as we were headed out to the gardens.

I believe I have already told you my impressions of that site but there was one thing there that caught our eye that we needed to google up.

Well, I came home and went to my bookshelf instead and found this flower...

and a closer look...

We have here Fritillaria Imperialis or more commonly known as Crown Imperial.

That flower appears in fabric design, paintings and china of that era and now I am definitely off to find some for my garden.  There was one 'high' moment after another as we toured the place.

It was a totally awesome day.  For me, part of the charm of Versailles is because of its era and last residents.  I am just on the final pages of the book, Georgiana, The Duchess of Devonshire, who was a contemporary and friend of Marie Antoinette.  This is the second time in 15 years that I have read this book (you can tell it is a favourite) and had it with me on the trip.  It seemed that as I toured many sites in Paris I could imagine the 18th century people who had lived there.

Stay tuned for a book review and a page from my art journal...


  1. I can see it already.
    Today it's just another special flower to buy...
    Tomorrow something else.
    Should I redesign the addition to include
    a Hall of Mirrors?

    Soon we will have Versailles on Heck Hill.
    One day people will come to see Shirley's gardens...
    And my rock walls, stairs and planters.

    Where will it ever end?

  2. Might I add lovely Crown Imperial.
    Nice flower...
    Great photo.