Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 9, Friday, April 15

It is somewhat early for us but our week has been very full and we are ready for some serious rest.  It is recommended that you use Melatonin to get your sleep rhythms balanced and jet lag behind you so one night we each took a little tiny 3mg pill because the night before we had hardly slept at all.  Well, we slept like bears tucked in for winter.  So, the next night we decided to try one pill split between the two of us.  We still overslept and felt like druggies when we woke so have been trying the rest of the week with nothing.  Sometimes we sleep, sometimes we don't so much and with all our tramping around this city we are ready for a real, nice, blissful sleep.

Today we had a successful trip to Opera Garnier where we had looked forward all week to see Marc Chagall's beautiful ceiling.  And we were finally, after three hikes up there, allowed admittance and revelled in the beauty of the ceiling.

This is Marilyn's photo.  The ceiling was everything I had hoped for and more.  When we first bought out tickets they warned us that we may see nothing because they were testing the lights today...we took a chance and were rewarded.

We spent a while there just soaking up the gorgeous painting and admiring the building.  You can visualize the ladies in their gorgeous gowns and the men so handsome in their tuxes roaming the hallways around the theatre.  There was the smell of honeysuckle or jasmine throughout the whole building...don't know why but it added to the ambience.

From there we found our way to the nearest Metro station, bought tickets for the next 5 days (Gail can take over Marilyn's book of tickets)

and took our first trip on the subway.  Even with riding today we walked a lot and have a great desire just to put up our feet and rest.

On our way home we stopped at a patiserrie and a fruit stand to make our Sabbath repast.

And we are off to least feet up!

Love to all.


  1. Picture of feet looks like they have been used a lot! Will be hard to wake up once you get home and go to sleep. But now you can say you have been there and seen a lot!
    I guess it is Sabbath for you already, where did the week go?

  2. What a gorgeous photo of the Opera House ceiling. A masterpiece!

    and those strawberries could not be redder! Thanks for the update.

  3. The beauty of the ceiling of the Opera House is breath taking--and you are right Sherwin those strawberries look delicious. Am so enjoying all your comments and photos.

  4. just LOVE seeing that ceiling in its whole as it is so meaningful to us with the wedding print we have from you. hugs!