Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pere Lachaise

When Marilyn was here with me last week we wanted to go out to Pere Lachaise Cemetery but ran out of time.  Our every day was full to the brim but we needed at least 36 hours every day, not 24.

This week Gail and I used the metro tickets and went out there.  We had a few tombstones in particular that we wanted to see but the place is enormous with at least 1000 people buried there... oh, I think way more than 1000.  There are 118.6 acres of cemetery in that one spot.  After reading the list of the famous people buried there I could have spent much more time there.  My little map did not do a good job of guiding you through the maze of tombs.

Just looked on Wikipedia and there are those who believe that Abelard and Heloise are buried there though some say he is and she isn't, some say neither are, only a monument to their great love.  If you don't know the story of those two lovers, look it up in Google.  If I would have known that there is a monument to them in that cemetery I would have gone to great lengths to find their spot.

There were two that were familiar to us that we found after much searching.  We hunted down the gravesite of Jim Morrison and after a couple hours wandering and asking other tourists...It is sad to see this spot set aside for this young man.  So much potential lost.  Remember, even though we may question his choices in lifestyle, he had a mother who loved her boy.

I cannot tell you what the French sentence is below his name.

And Frederic Chopin.

The story is that Chopin died two doors down from the present site of The Ritz Hotel on Place de Vendome and when he died they removed his heart and it was buried in Warsaw.  This is a very romantic town, full of romantic stories.  I think that story appropriate.

Those who know me know that I love to wander through cemeteries, pay my respects and wonder about the stories behind these monuments.  It was a sobering morning.

Good night to all...


  1. that last statue...exquisite. loved skyping with you today! xo

  2. On Jim Morrison's grave that phrase -- KATA TON DIAMONA EAYTOY -- is Greek.. Probably means something like "true to his own spirit", although it could mean "burnt by his demons".