Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Good Day for Thankfulness...Shelby's Birthday!!

Our son Shelby and his family enjoying the Oregon coast at Cannon Beach.  This photo was taken some years ago now; it shows Shelby and Kim with Maizy and Lucy looking relaxed and happy to be at the beach with friends. 

But let's start at the beginning of the story...

On April 1, 1967 Sherwin and I had Sabbath lunch with Uncle Val and Aunt Irma and since I was some days past due we went for, what I thought at the time, a long walk.  Recently we drove down that road that we walked that it seems a lot smaller and shorter than I remembered.  But the walk did the trick or Shelby just decided that the time had arrived!

What a dear, sweet bundle.  In just a few months he was very mobile and into exploring the world...

He was a lover of animals but did not want to share his popcorn with the pets at the zoo...

He has always been highly adventurous...see that cool fellow up on top of the tree house?  Look closely, he is in the white t-shirt near the top of the photo...

And we cannot go down memory lane without a photo of Shelby and his first car!!!

In the photo department there is a gap between his childhood photos and late teens but I have just unearthed the 'missing years' in the boxes of slides...stay tuned for updates as those photos are converted to digital in the months ahead...

What a smile...he had just won a bet with his father re: swimming.  Handsome fellow.

Isn't this a grand photo?  Shelby has travelled all over the world...

But now he is settled in a great spot on Bainbridge Island with his beautiful family...

Doesn't he look serious? 

Happy Birthday, Shelby...both your father and I have gained so much being your parents.  You have brought us much joy and delight.  And we wish you only good things in your new year!


  1. Thanks for the sweet picture essay Ma! I didn't realize that in the zoo animal picture I was fighting them off. It's taken me 40 years to get used to other people eating off my plate, but I think now I'm fully trained..

  2. Son, you pushed with both fists in the face of the lamb...out of here! If you look closely you will see your left fist curled up in the lamb's wool trying to get a hold on that animal. After all the other animals left he came around the front and you worked hard to fight him off! Sweet memory of a dear little boy...44 years have gone too quickly...too, too quickly!

  3. Wonderful blog about a great guy. Happy Birthday Shelby!

  4. It is wonderful to look at those memories. Happy Birthday son.

  5. Nicely done, Ma--both in the walk down memory lane AND in the son-raising. And happy birthday to Shelby, my most fabulous brother!

  6. Thank you all for your lovely comments...I am a privileged mother.