Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 2 . . . Part 2

Thursday was our Day 2 and looking back we did pack in enough to call it a day!

North of Tuzigoot we came upon Red Rock Country...Sedona.  Lovely little town, overwhelmingly surrounded by the reddest rock.  A great bulk of the town is also built out of red brick or red stucco.

We found it overwhelmingly red (and we knew from our research it was overwhelmingly expensive) so drove right through and continued north.  

Our enquiries at the visitor centre led us to another National Monument on I-40 so we turned east at Flagstaff and soon were at Walnut Canyon.  After all the red rock we found this Canyon very peaceful and very quiet.  It is another National Monument of cliff dwellers...very amazing to see how they built into the walls of the cliffs.

Sherwin has written up a post on Walnut Canyon so if you click here you will get the rest of the story...but I had to put in a few pics.  

The 240 stairs weren't as daunting as I thought they may be when I first heard of them...the rise and run made it as comfortable as possible.

The flora on the cliff sides reminded me of southern Arizona...I enjoy the variety of yucca found in the south.  We inspected the homes built ...

and made our way up and out of the canyon.  We both have enough photos in our archives now to kill off an archeologist!!

Some folks we met at the bottom of Walnut Canyon told us about a museum in Flagstaff and since the day was disappearing and it looked like we should spend the night there, we thought this would be a great way to end our day...

The place was full of treasures from our childhood...

Sherwin and I both sat in desks like these...

the miniatures toy soldiers are always of interest to me (from reading too much Churchill)...

and we both remember quilts like these gracing one bed or another somewhere in our pasts.

There was beauty in very simple things...necessary items to make their lives just a little more enjoyable.  I have often thought of the women who lived through physically hard times and what they must have gone through to bring creativity into their lives.

Love the symmetry in this light fixture...

But part way through the tour we realized we were at the wrong museum.  The hour was late so we just made the best of it not wanting to make the young curator feel unappreciated.

Before I say good night on Day 2 I will show you the restaurant we found in downtown Flagstaff...

The food was great but the ambience was even and whacky!!

Everywhere you looked were reminders of Mexico...the colours, the subjects in the artwork...all reminders.

And so the door is closed on another day of new places and old ideas...

Oh, except I should show you my big purchase of the day...couldn't resist this handsome fellow.  From his toes to the tip of his bayonet he must be all of 3".  And the young man at the Wrong Museum was happy to sell something!

You all have a great day.

Happy trails!  and be well.


  1. I loved that Mexican Restaurant... the food was great... and the decor was pretty cool and kinky.

  2. the "wrong museum" story is a classic Canadian polite move. BTW, what was the "right museum"? What were you aiming for that you missed so badly?

    1. You are right, I forgot to say where thought we should be. It truly was not such a polite move as a pragmatic was a quarter to 5 when we realized the fact and had to drive down the road some distance still to find the 'right museum', which was the Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff. We did drive down the street just to see for future reference...looks great, a somewhat more modern establishment.

      I just googled it up and saw a watercolour diary of the sites we have been touring! So appropriate!!!