Thursday, April 25, 2013

Safe and Mostly Sound

"There's nothing half so pleasant 
as coming home again."
-M E Sangster

We arrived Tuesday night and first thing Wednesday morning I lifted the blinds in my office at 7:14 a.m. to see the school bus (water taxi) heading up Navy Channel to pick up the kids from goes on even when I am far away!

Wishing you all a lovely evening and above all, be well.


  1. i bet you missed that view..

    1. Yes, Shelby, I did. There is a peacefulness here that cannot be found in many spots. Very thankful for this view.

      Thinking of you as I read the Stegner bio...

  2. Love your blog header right now.

    And, yes, there's nothing quite like coming home!

    1. Thought you might like the header...shades of fun to come!

      There are things I like about this spot and there are things I really like about AZ...

      Best of both worlds.

    2. Sherilee, the thing about my header is that I have been trying to get that title off the left side so do I do that?