Saturday, April 6, 2013

Too Busy Livin' . . .To Blog!

This past week it became apparent that time was running out for our winter runaway to AZ.  

A day trip to Tubac has been on our to-do list all winter, always put off so we could get our house in working condition.  But we realized the time had come to check that one off the list.

We hopped in the car after our exercise on Monday and headed south.  This is a darling quaint town with some history but lots of art and tourist doodads!  Our aim was the art and architecture.

-photo by Sherwin Goerlitz

We are toying with the idea of a Chimaya to have a place to roast marshmallows on the patio.

And we were delighted to see Owen the Owl immortalized in tin.  (Don't you love him, Sherilee?  He is about 2 feet tall.)

Around every corner there is a nook and a cranny filled with more treasures and delightful places to rest.

Look up and you will see designs to delight your eye...

And for those of us who cannot seem to handle real pets, there are always metal animals to set around the this long horned critter.

-photo by Sherwin Goerlitz
We stopped for an iced tea here at Shelby's Bistro...wrong Shelby.  (Sigh...)

-photo by Sherwin Goerlitz
We spent the bulk of the afternoon just walking...

Always on the lookout for a 'snap'.

The colour of the rocks against the blue sky never cease to catch me...

I find this town very inspirational...

Next year when we return we will start working on our yard...

When we first visited Tubac in about 2001 we saw these water features for sale for the first time.  Monday we only saw a couple standing water hooked up to them but still a great idea to add water to your garden.  Imagine water coming out of the pot on her head and spilling into the basin at her feet only to be recirculated to the top again.

We are looking forward to taking our visiting friends and family to Tubac.  Every year there is something new to see.

So come on down...the air is warm and dry and you will love the life here. We have a long list of fun places to take you!

Love to all.
Be well.

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