Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Vail To Cottonwood AZ In A Day!

It was time to hit the road again and turn our hearts and minds and most importantly, the car, north!

We have had a great vacation since we got the tile and painting finished and both of us have been reluctant to put an end to our lazy days.

But alas and alack today was the day so we packed up and were soon on the road.  We had a lovely picnic north of Phoenix at Horsethief Canyon...

Sounds like a Western Movie, right?  It was a grand spot and we took our time.  It is our intention to breath deeply and enjoy the racing necessary.

But our goal for the day was Montezuma's Castle and his, this has nothing to do with the fellow from the Aztecs.  There must have been more than one Montezuma around at the time.

We had to do the tourist thing and take our photos by the sign of moment!   I am sure you have heard the definition of a tourist, right?  Sherwin says, a tourist is someone who will drive 3000 miles to have his photo taken in front of his car.  You wait, we will give you a photo of one of us by our car one of these days too.

Monty's castle was built high on a limestone cliff wall...

wish we could climb up there to have a close look-see!

I enjoyed my time looking at more than the limestone cliffs, as awesome as they were...

looking down beside me on the rocks there was a little lizard.  When he realized I was watching him he turned to his best side, just for me!

And the bees were busy today in the sunshine...

The bark on the trees reminded me of wallpaper.  Loved the patterns.

The sycamore trees are so white.  Both times we have visited this spot the trees have just been budding out.  Would love to see these trees in full leaf.

Between the Castle and the Well we had to stop for fry bread.  We asked for one piece to share but Sherwin wanted honey dipped and I wanted cinnamon sugar dusted so the fellow diplomatically did half-and-half.  Happy customers!

Montezuma's Well...

If you look above the tree you will see a cliff dwelling at this site too.

And it wouldn't be Arizona without a few prickly pear to keep you alert!

Down the trail there was a warning that kept Sherwin on the path...

And then we came to the end of the trail...

Without the sign we wouldn't have know where we were!

Tomorrow it is onward and northward.

Do have a great week.

And above all, be well.

Oh, by the way, if you would like to read another perspective of the day, click here for Sherwin's blog post.  Enjoy!

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