Saturday, April 6, 2013

Photo Challenge

This past week at our Del Webb Photo Club meet, Doug challenged each of us to take at least 3 photos of our homes and bring them next time we met.

Since I will not be around for Photo Club until October, I decided to take some photos and share here on my blog.

The newest addition to our home is our patio.  We have had a very gravelled yard but with our patio we are starting to feel more finished outdoors too.

Ah, finally started!!

You have no idea how happy I was to see someone else on the end of the pick.  I hope to never wield one of those again.

-photo by Sherwin Goerlitz
Sherwin added some drain pipe out the side of the house where the gutters will gather and spill out the water so that the water can be of value to a tree or plant of some type out beside the garage.

-photo by Sherwin Goerlitz
Here the boys are working on setting in the soldier bricks around a small planter where I will put honeysuckle or jasmine when I return in the fall.

Looking good...

I caught the edge of the dining room floor just inside.

I had to get right down on the 'floor' and shoot the brick head on!

Send me some photos of your, hardcopy or on your blog...I like to see how you all live.

Be well.


  1. Love your response to Doug's challenge!

    1. I will be photographing the entire house before we leave for insurance purposes so this was an easy challenge. Would love to know what his challenge is every month through the summer.

      We had fun the past couple days trying to capture the saguaro in all it's glory! Will post some of them as time goes on too.