Friday, April 12, 2013

On The Road . . . Day 2

We were up early and out on the road looking for our first National Monument of the day.

Tuzigoot is a site south of Sedona.  For a more detailed view of our first tour of the day go to Sherwin's blog by clicking here.

When we arrive at a site Sherwin zeros into the subject at hand while I tend to look around to see what supports the site.  I was happy to catch 'Old Glory' keeping watch.

When we climbed up to Ft. Bowie is southeastern AZ a couple weeks ago we got our National Parks Passport Book that we are having fun stamped at every site we visit on our way home.

Is this a sign that we are truly getting old or a sign that we finally are learning how to be real tourists?

We were both very impressed with the display of pots in the Visitor's Centre...the broken ones being, actually, more beautiful than the whole ones.

Had to show you one of my photos of Sherwin...

I am so impressed that these pueblos have been discovered from the early days.  It seems that these first Americans had homes and communities that had many advantages not shared by all their contemporaries on the continent.

Of course, if I had to be an Early American and had any choice in the matter, I would have chosen Arizona as 'home' just for the warmth through most of the year.

This sign along the path affected me, personally.  The photos come easy...I snapped over 420 photos just yesterday.  It is the footprints that concern me.  What am I leaving behind for my children and their children?

As we left Tuzigoot we headed north towards Sedona.  Back in Cottonwoods we found a Visitor Centre where we always look for new maps and ideas for future stops along the way.

Sherwin and I have a mini-push/shove thing every time someone points to a guest book and asks us to sign, like at a new church or in Visitor Centres.  Well, there was this book staring at us and Sherwin had signed the last one so I stepped up to the counter and did the 'good-girl thing'.

Imagine my surprise when I read the entry above our name!!!

Sherwin and I have often spoke of travelling to Gorlitz, Germany to see the 'ancestral lands'...

I stared at the address above ours, calling Sherwin over to look.  The volunteers at the Visitor Centre heard our excitement and told us that the people who had just signed ahead of us were in the next room.

We had such a lovely visit in a very short time.  It was like we had met old friends from long, long ago and far, far away!!!

They were as delighted to meet us as we were to meet them.

Before we parted I suggested photos and they were most happy to oblige.  We snapped photos all around on all the phones, exchanged email addresses and said good-bye.

The concept of ancestors is a strong strain in my background and I think I have infected Sherwin with some interest in the subject too.  He was truly thrilled to meet bona fide folks from Gorlitz, Germany.

I do hope you all are having as great a week.  We started the morning looking for adventures and this blog only takes you up to lunch time...stand by for an update on our afternoon!

And above all, be well.


  1. Wow, REAL Gorlitzs? That's awesome.

  2. Actually they are from Gorlitz, Germany, not with that last name but it was like old home week when we met them. They were so fun.