Saturday, January 28, 2012

Book Review . . ."God's Secretaries"

Bible translation discussions or debates have never interested me.  It seemed to me that people were very committed to their position about the value of certain translations, but I figured that until I understand the origins of the different translations I don't have anything to say in any translation argument.

Over the years I have read the Bible through, using a different version each time.  I have read it in The King James, The New King James, The New American Standard Bible and then a paraphrase, The Clear Word Bible.  Each time was a delight though I did take the paraphrase with a grain of salt.  After all, I have paraphrased a good portion of the Bible myself and I know who I am so that version did not hold much weight with me.

And then I was introduced to Adam Nicolson.  He wrote the book, "God's Secretaries" that I mentioned last night in my gratefulness post about the wonderful books at my disposal. Well, today I finished the book and when I clicked on my Kindle and saw that I was starting the last page of the last chapter I cried.  I did not want this story to end.

Mr. Nicolson leads the reader through the culture of the early 17th century when the Translators worked to put together a Bible at the behest of King James soon after his ascension to the throne in England.  There were 60-some men who met in different places in groups of about 10 tackling their assigned sections of the Bible.  These men were very educated, knew their Hebrew and their Greek, with interesting stories to tell.  

It is a wonderful story.  If you love the English language you will truly delight in the way Mr. Nicolson handles his subject.  If you love The Bible you will be so pleased to understand better all the twists and turns that have kept that book alive through this crazy world's history.  If you love Shakespeare and his use of the English language you will appreciate this book.

And then...

Tonight I found the following You Tube video/documentary of Mr. Nicolson talking about the making of his book.

I realize that this documentary is not short but it was a great thrill for me to find it.  Sherwin has it figured that if he watches the doc he won't have to read the book.

This is the first full book I have completed on my Kindle.  I have come to the conclusion that there are books to buy as an e-book and there are books to buy hard copy.  This is definitely one that needs the real thing if you tend to want to underline, go back and easily get quotes, etc. etc. etc.

This book comes to you from me with a High recommendation.

Happy end to the week and be well.

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