Thursday, January 12, 2012


E very day that I learn something new re: my computer is a great day.

Today I figured out 2 new things.  Now, please do not think me too ignorant, but I am still learning things that those of you born 10 years later than me seem to know by instinct.  I think it is just because you are fearless and I am too timid.

No. 1. . . last night Sherwin told me that the comments that show up for each blog are not a good font size and maybe I could do something about that.  So first thing this morning I worked on that and before I went off to attack the day I had that puzzle solved.

Now when you wish to comment on my blog just click on the 'comment' word at the end of that posting and it will open up to a clean white page where you can add your comment and be able to read it easily once posted.  Very simple.

I do love to hear from my friends and followers and am happy to provide this spot for you to give me your feedback.

That was easy . . .

No. 2 . . . When possible I like to fit in a few minutes once in a while transferring information from my old Toshiba to my new Mac.  That is not as easy as it sounds and requires focus and attention to detail. Tonight I wanted to start adding contacts to my new computer but I don't want to just transfer my whole address book from the old to the new.

So I opened the address book and figured that out.  If your name is either Albrecht or Appudoray you are in my new address book, all clean and tidy and up-to-date.

Now I can go to bed and rest easy.

Remember, I love to hear from you whenever you have a question, a comment, a quote or a piece of advice for me.

Be well.

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