Friday, January 20, 2012

Something Musical to Wind Down Your Week . . .

"Music is the soul of language."  - Max Heindel

"Music is the shorthand of emotion." - Leo Tolstoy

Whatever music means to you, it is a very personal thing.  My children have appreciated music all through their lives and I see the enjoyment they derive from it.

I always thought I didn't have enough time to experiment and listen to various types of music but it seems with the media and technology we have at our fingertips today there is no excuse not to take a more serious look at the subject.

The following videos are not at all serious but three I found this week just snooping about online and all three appealed to me.  All three are vastly different but they make me smile.

This first one speaks to my childhood and youth.  CFCN in Calgary played this music and I can remember coming home from school, cleaning house and Marilyn would be in the living room dancing to the music.  Good memories.

Times change and our horizons expand, don't they?  Came across this next one and was amazed at the other talents of Hugh Laurie.

And finally, do enjoy this next of my favourite singers and of course, what's not to love about watching the actors of a past era dance to his music.

Tell me which is your favourite?  Why?  And share with me your favourite singers, type of music and composers.  I am proof positive that you can teach an old dog a new trick or two!

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  1. I'd have to go with Johnny Cash in this set! It was interesting to hear Hugh Laurie's singing voice and especially that song, which I associate with the American south.

    One of my favorite male singers is Daryl Hall. He's got a website:
    lots of visiting singers, all usually pretty good!