Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Making Memories in the Middle of the Week...

In 2012 I am making a journal out of my blog.  You get to travel through my year with me hearing the thoughts I am thinking (well, at least the printable ones), the photos I am taking that may add some interest to the story and sometimes a rundown of the day's activities.

'The Pantry' is the big subject of this week.  We are both determined to get moved into that room soon.  And it is coming along very nicely.  We have done our best to get on the right side of the wood finishing lessons and Sherwin is also working on the tile for the floor.

Please don't let Sherwin tell you I never make him cookies...

Today we were both excited to see the first hook placed on the end gable of the new shelves...just for my aprons.

This afternoon we hauled out more 16'+ boards from the cabin to make room for the windows that will be delivered tomorrow.  We will have to put a sealer on the stained window linings before installation.   And a plumber came by to take a look and make up a quote for us too.

So, you can see we are making memories as we plow ahead on this project.

Have a lovely week in your part of the world.
Be well.


  1. Great photos Shirley! I'm glad they don't show any of my stupid mistakes.

    What you didn't say about the tile is that we bought 12" x 12" tiles for this room... and they looked really shocking bad next to the laundry room tile.

    My challenge has been to take some of our old left-over tiles and mix them with the new stuff... two different sizes of tile and three different colors and somehow make them into a pattern that will tie into the existing laundry room floor.

    The amount of cutting and planning has been crazy... but it is coming and in the end it will be another work of art.

  2. I will remember those cookies when someone says, "I never get cookies!"

    Beautiful pantry work there! Can't wait to see it in person.