Wednesday, March 7, 2012

As We Go . . .

It’s Monday afternoon and already the hours of every day are sort of melting into each other.  Sherwin wrote and posted photos covering our Saturday departure from New Orleans.

I found it fascinating to watch the ship move on down the mighty Mississippi.  It was a beautiful and moving experience.

Saturday night we took a walking tour around the ship, where I found this precious little Morgan…

Sunday dawned and when we popped out onto our balcony we found the air warmer than the chilly breezes we had experienced in New Orleans on departure day.  We got up early and went for our first walk around the track up on the top of the ship. 

The day rolled by very quickly and the choppiness of the seas had them emptying the pools and cancelling the show for Sunday night.  Instead of a show of singers and dancers, there was a young man paying tribute to The King, Elvis!  It was so fun.  We laughed a lot as this young kid went around the audience making all the grey-haired ladies feel like they were 14 and 15 again. 

When we first went down to the theatre we found we were early.  Gail says, “Let’s sit on the front row, won’t that be fun?”  I was reluctant and said so but thought, “whatever”.  So all four of us tromped on down to the very front.  We got there and Gail realized what she had said.  All of a sudden she wanted to maybe sit back a few rows.  I said, “Oh no, in for a penny, in for a pound.”

So there we were and there was “Elvis”.  I had the iPhone in my hands and started taking photos of him.  He noticed and told me he wanted to see what I was taking on YouTube in the morning.  He was very interactive with the audience and came down for two sessions singing his “hot” little songs to one lady after another. 

He came right over and gave Gail the once over and I was still holding up the camera.  He bumped the camera with a smile, “Get rid of that thing”, but I was thankful to have it so he couldn’t get any closer.  He got WAY too close to a lot of women.

But it was fun and we laughed a lot.

This morning (Monday) dawned cloudy and grey as we docked in Cozumel, MX, but soon we had patches of light coming through.   Before the morning was over there were 5 large cruise ships docked here.

We set off for town in a taxi and thought we would do a little light shopping. 

At one point Sherwin and I weren’t holding hands and lost each other but were happy to be reunited before lunch back at the boat. 

Cozumel was a bit of a let-down and for sure not a necessary return.  Sherwin calls it a ‘non-event’.  I maybe lived too long in this country but I so got tired of merchants standing in their doorways begging me to come in to see their wares. 

The ship left Cozumel about 4:30’ish and we prepared for supper.  As soon as we left port the rocking-and-a-rolling started up again, though it was much less severe than the trip down from New Orleans.  At dinner I decided something wasn’t right for me and I left the table and made my way back to the room.  I have not had a good dose of seasickness for years and years but Sherwin said I was quite green.

So we end the day in our room (Sherwin came back with me, missing his dessert and the show tonight).  He is sweetly caring for me, wanting me back on my feet as soon as possible.

And we are tally-ho and off to Grand Cayman tomorrow.  The captain said that if the ocean is still pitching us about tomorrow we will not be allowed to get off the ship in tenders (small boats that run you back and forth to town).  Wish us well as we go.

Added Note:  Well, this is Tuesday afternoon and I am sitting in a hot spot for internet on the ship.  I did get up for a very light breakfast but have slept the rest of the day.  Sherwin went off with Lorne and Gail and will bring me his report of Grand Cayman soon.  I spent too much time and energy becoming acquainted with the plumbing fixtures supplied.

Tomorrow is another day!!


  1. I am enjoying your comments and photos and Sherwin's also. Hope you are having lots of fun and feeling better.

    1. Thanks so much...we will get more posted as we feel better. Hopefully tomorrow I will be close to 100% and Sherwin better too. He has slept most of today but we are at sea now until we get back to New Orleans. We will have internet there in our room.

      Have a great week, what is left of it!

  2. Oh, Mom. So sorry you had the greenness... that's just awful. Such a letdown on vacation. Kinda shocked about the rocking and rolling, didn't really think about THAT beforehand... are there any meds available? Hope all is better with you, and glad Grand Cayman didn't have to be cancelled for everyone...

    Thanks for posting, we've been craving news of what you're up to!!


    1. It is Thursday evening and still feeling the stomach rolling and scrunching!! Sherwin too now. It isn't seasickness though. It is something we ate or drank. We will be 100% for New Orleans! Love you all.

  3. Like Sher I am so sorry that you had to experience the little green man! I never thought of telling to take a bottle of gravol with you, but with all the tornados to the north, I guess the weather has to come from somewhere!
    Does that mean you did not go ashore to the Grand Cayman? I am so sorry your trip is not the best. Hopefully you got to land on Jamaica man!
    Am sure you are looking forward to your time on land in Tuscan!
    Take care!

    1. Yes, Tucson will be better, I am sure! Very tired so we both are sleeping a lot. I did not go to Grand Cayman...I slept until just before Sherwin got back to the boat. The next day we both walked through the town in Jamaica that we docked at. It was interesting. Will post with my photos tomorrow.

      Love to you and Mother.