Thursday, March 15, 2012

WW 2 Museum. . .

On Tuesday morning we headed off to the Museum end of town.  There are a number clustered together but we only saw the WW2 Museum.  It is well put together and a good reminder of what others have done to keep the barbarians away from the gate.

So off we go...

We all love those streetcars...

And everyone a good sport...

Before we toured the Museum itself we went across the street to see "Beyond All Boundaries", a movie  made to honour those from the USA who served and sacrificed in the war.  Tom Hanks has produced this most sobering movie meant to remind us of the past but it fills you with immense sorrow for the waste of war.

Across the street we saw memorabilia from the 1940's.  Everyone who could possibly grow a garden planted vegetables to see them through this time of hardship.

We wandered among the machines collected for show.

Loved to see the way they made boat bumpers before the day of plastics and poly.

There were lots of weddings that happened before the boys went to war and there were weddings overseas for those who did not want to wait for the war to end. This display of dresses is made from mosquito netting and parachute cloth.

And of course, I cannot write this without putting in a good word for those who fought from the Commonwealth countries.

Dame Vera Lynn does very well in this medley in 1990 considering she was a very popular singer during the war.

Be well wherever you are!

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