Friday, March 9, 2012

Off to Jamaica Mon . . .

Wednesday began nice and warm but with a grey sky.  Grey skies are fine if the temperature is high.

We pulled alongside the wharf in Falmouth, Jamaica early in the morning but we were slow moving this morning so after breakfast we both laid down and slept again.  I think we came very tired and our bodies have just said, “Stop!”

Right off we noticed Johnny Depp was here to welcome us . . .

and I had heard on the news yesterday that Prince Henry was on the island, having a foot race with Bolt, amid all his royal duties.  Bolt (the fastest man in the world), of course, allowed Harry to win!

We did get up and spent an hour or so wandering through the town.  They funnel you through an official building, and out into the world of Jamaica. Across the way another Royal Caribbean ship had slipped in after we had arrived.

We wandered off into a town, which looks like they live for people like us to come on by. 

For some reason or other there were large groups of people standing along the road waiting for something…like they were waiting for a parade to go by.  

Neither of us felt like standing still long enough to find out what they were waiting for. 

The lines of school girls in uniform should have been a clue!

When we got back to the boat we heard that Harry had come by in an open car waving to the people.  Hmmm…

We met a young lad who was off for lunch break who wanted to show us his school and the cannons mounted there.

It was a typical school ground where the girls were gathered around in groups…found this one where one of the girls was crying loudly and trying to explain her position while the older girls tried to make peace.  Notice the little one right at the front of the photo.  And the boys were playing games of one sort or another.

One young girl came up to me and with her hands on her hips she said, “We have seven national heroes.  How many do you have?”  And then she took me to a display to show me the heroes and the one heroine!  I was sorry to not be able to tell her any that came immediately to mind for Canada. 

At least these children are learning what real heroes are about; men and women who have lived lives of service to their country and people.  I think I better go home and read some serious Canadian history.

As we wandered on back towards the ship we came upon other tourists in horse drawn carriages. 

Years ago I read a book from Mother’s bookshelf about a man named Trelawny, an adventurer from olden times.  Well, I guess he came by this part of the world because his name is all over the place.

The closer we got to the pier the wilder the sky appeared.  It ended blowing over but we were ready to head back anyway.  

It seemed that today was Sherwin’s day to feel rotten.  So the rest of today he has spent either laying on the bed or back and forth to the washroom.  I have just sent our houseboy off to find another blanket for Sherwin.

Here is one more snap of the boat sitting in some pretty water. . .

It appears to us that the cruise ships have made some out of the way stops for their boats where they have shops for us to frequent.  Instead of going to larger cities we went to two places that were really just a hole-in-the-wall with little appeal.  Your heart goes out to the people there because it seems they are so dependent on us coming through with nothing to fill their days other than that.  Grand Cayman was the only stop that was a bona fide city.  Cozumel, MX and Falmouth, Jamaica were both very small towns.  Hmmm...

Wishing you all well.

Oh by the way, a look-a-like contest for you!  Who does Sherwin most look like in this photo?

Will blog this weekend from New Orleans with a few snaps of our last two days at sea.  I am posting this on Friday night and we are both feeling quite well again.

God bless and be well.


  1. Well... given that Pa called that his "Grandpa Goerlitz" hat in his post...

    Glad, so glad, that you're both feeling better. No fun to not feel well, far from home.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. We are well and happy to be so! Thanks for your wishes.

  2. Sorry Shirley... I gave away your mystery.

    That is what happens when we are so rushed on the ship's internet we don't have time to read each other's blogs until the next day.

    1. We did just is really hard to miss the look-a-like if you knew your dad at all!

  3. So glad that you are both feeling better! Am interested in the interpretation of "Hmmm" And yes, I did say to my self as soon as I looked at Sherwin's picture-his dad!

  4. yep, that's an FA hat alright..

    1. It was downright spooky! Spooky in a good way (is that possible?).