Saturday, March 3, 2012

Come Fly Away . . .

When I have previously flown to points unknown, I have usually hung my camera around my neck and gone onto the plane that way.  You cannot miss a good photo moment, you know.

Yesterday I neglected to do that until we landed in San Francisco so missed all the fun of snapping photos of rain/snow/sleet mixed weather as we were leaving home.  Brrrrr...

The minute I could step aside in the SF airport I pulled out my little friend and we started recording our movements.  We are so happy to tell you that both stages of the trip were uneventful and relatively smooth.

Being no longer in Canada I couldn't snap yet another Tim Horton's in a new city but for Sherwin this was the next best thing.  CNBC is following him everywhere.

Timing being close we went directly to our new flight and hopped on board and then sat and know the old routine, hurry up and wait.

Airplane design and the whole concept of flying is a major delight for me so I can snap away and be happy.

I did so want them to take off before it got any darker but by the time we got up in the air and above the riff-raff of the world it was very dusky.

So there you have the view from 23-D.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend and would love to share this with you in person...maybe another time.

Be well.


  1. Off and beyond.
    Enjoy your trip.
    I will be interested to see your photos on here.

  2. Thanks, Glenda, for dropping by. Miss 365 but my days are too full these days to do all I would like to do!