Sunday, March 25, 2012

Creativity Overload

It is difficult for me to travel to Tucson without a day trip south to Tubac.  This small town has an abundance of creative work happening at every turn.  

So, of course, I was delighted to learn that golf reservations had been made for that direction which would allow time (a good 5 hours) for me to get my Tubac-fix.

Gail and I were delighted to be off to explore in a land of palm trees, adobe and art.  The first gallery we stopped at had, without a doubt, the best art of the day.

The artist is Bruce Baughman.  The most impressive work we saw was a large reverse painting on lucite.  Click here for his website.  His works displayed in the studio are gorgeous displays of colour and design, more so than the website photos suggest.

No photos are allowed inside the shops and studios and I do respect that.

There is a lot of turquoise for sale here in the form of jewelry or inlay in wood but they use it for trim on some buildings which is quite striking in the hot sun.  It is a great contrast to other materials they use in construction.

Most all my photos of Tubac were ideas that appealed to me and could be transferred to our life at home.

I do love this little sign that appears on some stores.  There are a number of historically protected sites in Tubac but the newer buildings don't have any history to brag about.

We enjoyed a quiet lunch at the far end of town.  By then we were ready to sit down and rest our feet.

Not sure of the age of this old Hudson but it appears to me to be from the 40's.

This town is a western desert town, celebrating the past with taste and creativity.

Need some peppers?

Or an old skull to hang in your trees at home?  You can find it all here.

Loved the potted succulents here and there.

Isn't this a charming wind mill?  It looks so simple but with very little breeze it was whirring around at quite a clip.

Good thing I already have full suitcases.  There were so many fun 'what-nots'. I know, I can go home with the ideas and in our spare time we will work on making some of them happen.

The fondness I feel for Tubac is way out of proportion, most likely, but it is such a treasure.  It is sort of like a good book that you have read more than once that you like to pull out and just rub the covers or a piece of nice jewelry that you seldom wear and yet is so beautiful that you look at it fondly before putting it back in the case.

Oh yes, by the way, if you want to travel to Tubac, drive south on Hwy 19 out of Tucson heading south, just like you were headed to Nogales, Mexico.  It is about 15-20 minutes north of the USA-Mexican border.

Hope your days are filled with bright ideas even if you are not getting enough sunshine.
Be well.


  1. sounds like an enchanting little place, looking forward to seeing that windmill or something like it on your front property some day!! And those bird houses, my wouldn't you have a flock of feathered friends if you had those in your trees!

    1. Some time I will take you for a drive down to of these days!