Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Plan . . .

When there are major natural disasters someone is sure to bring up the idea that we all need 'A Plan'. You need a plan with a kit of emergency medical supplies. You need a plan for food and water supplies. You need to have a plan where you will meet up with your family if you are separated.

When Sherwin and I have heard this in the past we look at each other and one of us usually says, we are almost always together so we will be fine.  Neither of us wants to have anxiety in our lives over this.  And we know we do function best as a team where we take care of each other, encouraging and keeping on a straight path.

But while we were recently traveling, once in an off-shore place, we have gotten separated.  Twice in particular it was somewhat stressful.  Since we know each others reactions to dealing with a stressful moment it was an anxious time.

So yesterday, after Sherwin had left his computer on one plane, he went to find it where he was told it would be waiting for him.  He had his passport, his boarding pass from the first flight and his boarding pass for the next flight so we thought he was set.  I stayed with the carryon bags because he brief case is wildly heavy and it seemed like a simple operation and he would be back with me right away.  

Or maybe not. . .

An hour and a half later he came back, finally, fuming and fretting and using language unbefitting a gentleman.  He started to tell me of the runaround he got when a man with an airline badge came up with Sherwin's computer, had Sherwin open it to identify the computer as his and then walked away from two very grateful people.  

After catching our breath we went over to a table and had some lunch and worked on our computers while we waited for our next flight.

Sherwin looked at me, knowing I was still recovering too, and said to me, "We can always meet up again in heaven."  I smiled and said, "OK, let's promise to meet each other at the first big tree on the right inside the gates of heaven."

So that is The Plan.  

Hope you are all well and making your plans too.


  1. I guess that means I will have be extra "good" if we ever got separated.

    It would be a real bummer to end up inside a gate only to find the big tree on the right was on fire.

  2. Love The Plan, but while you're still Earth-bound, I have two words for you: CELL PHONE. The anxiety of not being able to communicate with each other when you're separated is unnecessary. Texting = priceless.

    1. You are 100% right, Sherilee and we will not travel south again without both of us having phones. Wouldn't have worked in Mexico, though. Have to think that one through.


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