Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Little New Orleans Music . . .

When we stood in Jackson Square in New Orleans, looking up at a statue of Andrew Jackson, we all thought of a song from our 'youth'.  You gotta love this one!  I think this video originated on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Now I want to show you some videos of music similar to what we saw while there.  We never went into a club and sat down but here and there you would find a musician or a group of musicians wailing away on their instruments.  It was fun to watch.

This first one has a priceless dancer along with the music...Enjoy!

The clarinet is especially good on this next one...

At every turn there are very creative people sharing their joy in life.

Hope you enjoyed your time on the streets of New Orleans.

Wishing you all a lovely ending to your week.

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