Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Evidence . . .

All around us we see that spring is truly trying to show it's face.  It has been a bit of a shock to go from 80 something temperatures to 40 something.  But we are delighted to be here again.

The Robin is such a lovely herald of spring.  I was making a phone call when this hearty fellow popped up on the post below my window.  He was such a beauty that I couldn't resist a 'snapping'.

When we arrived home Wednesday it was rainy but before we fell asleep the wind had started up and it roared around our little house on the hill.  March seemed determined to go out as a lion.  Friday morning the sky broke to the south revealing the Olympic Mountains in Washington.

And the Helleboras have never bloomed with such enthusiasm.

Three Spring Haiku 
by Kobyashi Issa

Spring breeze . . .
the pine on the ridge 
whispers it.


  1. I think Tucson spoiled me...

    Only been home a few days and enough rain already.

    1. We can always call up Harry and make a deal...I am ready.