Monday, September 9, 2013

Playing Catch-Up!

Wow, how time flies when you are having fun...

There has been so much happening here that I have run behind in the blog challenge sent out by my daughter, Sherilee on Sweet Tea & Sunshine. Click here to see her wonderful post today.

Well, I can do a little catching up here tonight since we are home again.

September 7:  When did I first meet my dearest friend?  Trouble is I have more than one dear friend.

Sherwin: we met as 4 year olds and jumped on the sofa together.

Carole: we met at a Halloween party in 1973.

Merilyn: we met in the dorm at Canadian Union College Academy as 11th graders and next door neighbours.

Linda: a new friend I just made last winter in AZ.  She is part of the photo club and the book club.

Cousin Jeanne: probably in one playpen or another in northern Alberta.

... and many more.

Can I tell you that my son and daughter, Shelby and Sherilee are two of my dearest friends and their spouses and their children?

What makes a friend for me is someone I can sit down with after many months and even years of being apart and picking up right where we left off.  We chat and laugh and sometimes cry together but basically we value the same things in life.

Which tells me I cannot leave out my three sisters, Sheila May, Roberta Joan and Marilyn Joy!  We have grown closer as adults and know each other better than most.

All I can say is thank you to all who have given me their hand in friendship.

"Never refuse any advance of friendship, 
for if nine out of ten bring you nothing, 
one alone may repay you."
-Madame de Tencin

September 8: Who would I like to meet that may be famous, may be passed away, someone I have only met through the internet?

Well, most of you, knowing me will know that I would not easily meet someone I have only talked with on the internet.  But in the past few years I have met a number of people that have been very encouraging and inspirational.  

One lady in particular is Helen Teague of Because of Grace, her blog.  Click here to see what she has. So you see, I am not completely adverse to meeting someone from the world wide web!  Some day Helen and I will meet.

Somebody famous, well known, who I would love to meet would be Maya Angelou; not just meet her, but take a class from her. I would also take a class from Stephen King.  

And for someone I have missed out on because they have already passed?  Oh there is a long list here... everyone from Dr. Seuss to Winston Churchill, Jimmy Stewart and even Elvis (though I think he could still be alive). Sherwin is sitting here beside me, rolling his eyes and shaking his head... saying, 'You know he's not alive!!!'

OK, caught-up, sort of...

Today is September 9: Monday Morning Inspiration: I was gone since yesterday afternoon so this turns into...

Monday Evening Inspiration

The challenge today suggested I share with you how I would spend 3 months of my life if I had no restrictions, nothing to stop me from whatever I wanted to do. Since it is already late and my bed is calling after a very full 48 hours, I will be very brief here... more to come later.

Month 1: Cinque Terre, Italy... sketching, painting and cooking.

Month 2: India... taking photos of the colours!

Month 3: Paris... the few weeks I was there 2 years ago went by so quickly.  I may need all three months there.  I haven't travelled much in my life but Paris has a certain light about it that is magical.

This topic grabs me and requires thorough time devoted to it. Thanks for getting me thinking about this, Sherilee.

So off to bed, this sleepy-head. Wishing you all sweet dreams too.
And above all, be well.


  1. I feel very privileged to be mentioned as one of your dearest friends.

    1. When I seriously read that quote I put in about taking every offer of friendship I looked beyond my dear old-time friends and thought of your kindness and willingness to be friendly. Thank you for that Linda. Besides, we both love words and pictures.

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  3. Yeah, I think Elvis and Winston Churchill absolutely should meet. They probably had a lot more in common than you'd think. I'm curious how you'd introduce them, though. Ha!

    1. I think so too. Imagine the three of us, Elvis, Winston and me having tea together one afternoon in heaven...

  4. Shirley: I am humbled to be included in your post and your list! This has been a whirlwind semester and I am finally able to put textbooks away until January and get back to your blog and the beautiful pictures and sentiments you post!!! I love your blog!! And I would love to meet "offline" sometime!!!!