Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 15: Best Advice Received...

A dvice, what is that?  There are those among us who are chock-a-block full of advice, ready to hand it out, whether you want it or not.

Actually, when I am in certain circles I simply close my ears and let the words flow...

I know, advice can be a valuable commodity, when the timing is right.  How many times do we stop to think about the other person before we start dishing it out?

Over the years I suppose I have received a lot of advice.  These come to mind:

Advice No. 1: As a teenager preparing to leave for boarding school, already missing my friends from home, my oldest sister told me I should take a good look at a fellow that she thought would suit me fine.  Hmmm... guy's name was Sherwin Goerlitz and look how that ended up. We have had an adventurous, crazy life together and have two of the most delightful children anyone could ask for.

I know when we got married there were bets that we would never make it, which makes me want to smile at the bettors when I happen to see them.  But I won't be prideful.  God has taken care of us in many marvellous ways.

Advice No. 2: At that same boarding school I happened to get into a bushel of trouble one weekend because I allowed myself to be used by some conniving 'girls' who wanted to get off campus.  Long story short, I was given a term of detention and had to sign in and out all day with a professor/advisor.  Part way through the term of my punishment he told me I was done.  He could see I was very sorry for what had happened and I probably didn't need his advice but he said, "Careful who you hang around with, OK, Shirley?"

Advice No. 3: The most recent piece of advice I received from my daughter, Sherilee. She knew I was writing an article and I told her I had too many words for the spot. She said, "Edit, edit, edit!"

Advice can be a wonderful thing if given and received in love and care.  My advice for you all is this: if you don't have a loving relationship with the person you are wanting to advise, think again.  You want a soft heart ready to receive the words.

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