Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 22: Challenge . . . Shopping!!

Now this is a challenge that I should be able to fill quite easily.  In olden times I could do it faster but I find that the older I get the less I buy. Maybe it has something to do with the 'less-is-more' books I have been reading.

The Challenge says: Top Five Places to Shop for Yourself, Your Children and Grandchildren

*Amazon - online store for gifts and gadgets, etc. etc. etc.

Dillard's - department store in AZ built for me... similar to Nordstrom, somewhat less on the scale

The Hudson Bay Co. - Canada's answer to department store needs

*Annabelle's Attic - a fun 2nd hand store on Speedway in Tucson

The Bookman - 2nd hand books galore on Speedway in Tucson

*Zappo's - the best place for me to buy shoes... they will send for free and I can return for free

*Chintz's - fu-fu for home

Munroe's Books - top notch store for books in Victoria

*Opus - art supplies in Victoria

Hobby Lobby - in Tucson we just got a brand new that opened just before we left to come home

Did you think I could stop at five?

As you can see I did not include any store for the food and household departments.

In Canada I would pick Costco for fresh fruits and veggies.

In USA we use Costco for some, Fry's (we have a brand new one just down the street) for the basics and we love Sprouts (used to be Sunflower Market)

If you will come visit me in Tucson I promise you a trip through town on what is known as "Gail's Trap Line".  Friend, Gail Booth, has made a list of 2nd hand stores that are a lot of fun to browse through. And there is always a great place or two to drop in for lunch!  

If you come to Tucson at the right time of the year there may be a book sale on for the Pima County Library System where you can buy books by the shopping bag ($5.00 for a shopping bag full of books).

If you would come to Calgary, Alberta with me, sister Marilyn would take us to the most fabulous shops in western Canada... The top of the list would be Rubiyat, then all the shops at Chinook Centre on Macleod, and of course, we could always go to Holts downtown (a look/peek, don't touch store).

What else can I tell you about shopping?  I haven't even started on furniture stores. Or the fabulous shopping mall at the north end of Tucson that has everything a mercenary little heart could desire!

But this is a good start.

You all have a great day in a new week, making your shopping lists!! And be well.

* this means these are the five most fun places, not necessarily the most used


  1. This is just me... I forgot all about Tubac, the greatest little shop-trap down south!

  2. I love Hobby Lobby and Fry's. could probably replace most any online seller. I must admit, thought, I'm partial to having REI on my list. Love it! And I still love brick and mortar book stores, so Powell's would also be on my list.

    1. REI is a great place... we have Mountain Co-op up here that is comparable. And if I had a Powell's close by I would be there a lot. I have only visited Powell's once, must go back.

      And yes, I mostly shop at brick and mortar. It is a great nuisance to have to return online! But Zappo's is a great option for hard to fit feet like mine.

      Happy Shopping!