Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 21: Challenge of the Day!

Today's Challenge: How has blogging or social media changed me?

In April, 2010 I began chronicling my journey on this blog.  And when I feel I have nothing to say I remember just that. I want to look back years from now and remember where I have been.

For many years I had this desire to do something to express 'me' and slowly I am finding ways to do just that. I remember people like Grandma Moses, Winston Churchill and many others who started the creative process late in life.

The changes I have felt in my heart and mind have been pushing me forward.

In just the past few weeks son Shelby introduced me to a book, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. If you are having the same struggles I have had/still have with letting out your creative 'me', read this.  Excellent book and most encouraging.

Allowing myself to say 'yes' to me, that is one of the biggest changes. And I am braver!  Not so afraid of my own shadow.  Ready for a new day, a new tomorrow!

Thank you all who have encouraged me in this endeavour.

Be well.

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