Sunday, January 30, 2011

Before I run out to play in the sunshine, yes, I said, sunshine, I want to post my efforts of last week.  Some years ago I took the photo of Sherwin in the misty world of our island. 

Now I have finally done a watercolour of that photo.  I should have taken progressive shots of this process because I started out with lots of colour and definition.  Sherwin encouraged me to wash it down so it would appear more misty and closer to the photo.  In retrospect, it appears that I could have washed it even more in some areas.  I did end up with rubbing pale pastels diagonally over from upper right to lower left.  It was great fun and a major learning experience for me.

Tell me, what are you going to do in the sun today?  Of course, I am wishing you sunshine in your day and even if you cannot see the sun I do hope you have some in your hearts.


  1. I just saw I had not left a comment before. Credit must be given to that new device at the bottom of you last post that said, "You might also like..."

    What a lucky guy I am! And what a lovely post. First, it is likely my all time favourite photo you have taken of me. And second, you have done such a masterful painting.

    There is not a man alive who would not be envious of me... to have such an artistic sweetheart! And to have two pieces of great art with so much love warms my soul.