Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hallelujah, Hallelujah and Hallelujah...

When I began this project some three months ago I thought, nothing-to-it, but I was wrong.  The project was called 'The Sketchbook Project' with the Brooklyn Art Library.  They would send me a sketchbook and I would fill it with a specific theme that I selected from a list they posted.

I recieved the book and I started to think about it...what would I sketch to depict 'Down Your Street'?  It took me some time to get wound up and started but this project has consumed my poor brain for the entire three months.  There is a deadline of postmark January 15 from the USA so I decided I needed to get it in the mail earlier than that.  Hence the push, push, and more push.  One would think it would not take all that much to fill 38+ was 76+ singles but I made each picture take up two sides of the book.  I got a little bored part way through with all the pictures of trees, oceans, big views, barns, country roads but I worked on through.

Tonight I glued on a watercolor picture from my past and am about to put it in a padded envelope and send it off.  You can read about the project on the following website.

Starting in March of this year, when they have collected all the thousands of sketchbooks, the Brooklyn Library will send off these sketchbooks in bundles to a number of libraries around the USA   You can visit that library, check out my book which will be scanned on the back where there is a bar code and I will be notified that you have looked at my sketchbook. 

The closest showing will be in Seattle June 10 - 12 but I will post again for definite updates on all showings around the USA.  I have scanned the entire book so I can remember what I did because when I put this book in the mail I will not see it again unless I go to see it on tour. 

My friend Carole is doing the same project with a different is good to have friends who come along on the journey.  Thanks for the encouragement Carole.

But now I can say hallelujah!  Now I can start my new year and get on to other interests that are beckoning!

Tell me, when I say, Down Your Street what picture comes to your mind that would be a good sketch?

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