Saturday, January 29, 2011

End of Week Thankfulness

As another week draws its curtains on time I am thinking of what I have around me for which I am thankful.  I am so truly thankful for the creative atmosphere we have in our house where we can both fiddle-faddle about with all sorts of media to achieve a piece of artwork or whatever.  There is still much that happens in my office that never sees another day, it gets rumpled and tossed or burned and I go on to another project.  Some days are diamonds and some are stones.  But it is a process, right?  And I am slowly learning what works and what doesn't.

Some years ago Sherwin painted the picture below in watercolour.  When we set up my new office I asked if I could have it for my beautiful new walls.  Every day I can look up at it and enjoy the peacefulness of the scene.  Sherwin used 14x20 paper and by the time you matt and frame paper that size you have a sizeable finished product.  I treasure this piece.

Well, I couldn't resist.  I decided I would try to imitate the 'master' of the house.  I had just recently been to town with Sherilee and we had both purchased a package of 9 4x4 canvases and our minds were busy planning our projects with these cute little pieces.  One day I just started painting first coat/ background colors on some of them and then the piece below slowly evolved. 

Now that I have photographed my copy I see I could still add to it with foreground grasses, etc. But I thought I would show it to you as a work in progress. It was fun to do and I have heard it said that imitation is a high form of flattery. It is a lot of fun to see my wee piece next to the big original.

Tell me, what is happening in your world that you are thankful for, that you never thought 20 years ago that you would be doing right now? 

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