Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Does Matter

Monday is not my first day of the week but it seems to me, the first public day of the week.  It is the time people gather themselves together to venture out into the world of commerce and practice their civility on one another.  In this alone, Monday is important.  Monday does matter. 

On the website, "Every Monday Matters",  there are ideas and concepts on the importance of each of our lives on those around us.  What we do, what we value, what we share with the world around us.

On the blog, "Shower Wisdom", Sherwin has asked what matters to the readers of his blog.  Monday, any day really, is a good time to reflect on what matters.

And with the beginning of this new year I want to make a habit of taking one day of the week to think on what matters most to me.  This truly is not a foreign thought for me.  I probably spend more time thinking of that than many but today, and, Lord willing and the creek don't rise, I will share with you each Monday what is most important to me (in no particular order).

On our recent family gathering over Christmas on Bainbridge Island, USA, I truly wanted the nine of us to sit for a photo.  We had so much activity and laughter and good times we forgot about it or put it off until it was too late. 

The above photo is my best rendering of our family at this time.  All eight show up, sort of, with me behind the camera as usual. 

Lucy, Maizy, Alan, Sherilee (you can see her hat and legs), Sherwin, Seth, Kim and Shelby all out for a lovely morning walk on Christmas day. 

This is my thankfulness photo...this matters!

What does matter to you?  The first thing that comes to mind, what is it? 

Have a lovely day and go make the day matter!


  1. There is no contest as to what matters most to me... and that is YOU! I am amazed to realize that time has not faded our love for each other... but rather it has grown deeper and richer.

  2. What a lovely comment by Sherwin--did my heart good to hear such love and caring in his words, you are indeed very blessed to have each other in your lives.
    What matters to me most are my two wonderful sons and my awesome grandson--but a very close second are my wonderful family(you guys) and friends!!!