Sunday, January 16, 2011

Van Gogh Sunday

As you have all heard we have seen the IMAX movie on Van Gogh twice now and would see it again if time allowed.  Very inspirational to those of us who dabble in pictures.  Sherwin knew I was very impressed after our first viewing in December so he gave me the above book for Christmas. 

Three things in particular stand out from the documentary, Van Gogh - Brush With Genius, which could be helpful if I will remember them and apply. 

1.  It was good to hear that he sketched for years before he began to apply color.  I had been told that and it has been good discipline for me.  Of course, I am still a novice but I try to learn from every professional I rub up against.

2.  In painting a landscape he would place the horizon at eye level and yet the foreground it would appear as though he was looking down at the ground.

3.  When choosing colors he followed the color wheel and worked with complimentary colors such as a violet/yellow combo, or red/green, or blue/orange and variations of those colors but predominantly those two shades.  Stunning picture results.

In April when I travel to Paris I plan to spend time hunting down some Van Gogh!!

So tell me, whose artwork do you like to study? Who has made an impression on you enough to make you a student of their style?

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