Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Movie Review on "Wit"

This is a moving story of a woman, Vivian Bearing, a professor of English Literature specializing in 17th century poets, particularly John Donne. Miss Bearing is diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer and in the story you are taken through her months of treatments and hospitalization.  There is no stage 5.

Emma Thompson plays the part of the professor using the English language as her weapon to keep herself together as long as possible.  For any of you who love to hear or read English, delivered with strength and purpose, you will love the script.

This story goes on my top 100 list of movies for a number of reasons.  Emma Thompson does a masterful job of Wit.  She is well cast for this role.  I would heartily recommend this story to all health care workers, and all students of English who love a good 'turn of phrase'.  Anyone who has met with suffering or knows of someone who has suffered, this is your class in Suffering 101. In other words, I would recommend this movie to everyone I know, especially if you think you have life figured out and put in a neat little package.  I related very well to this woman.  You watch will see me on that bed.

Come to the viewing prepared to be involved in the story.

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