Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunset week beginning

View from the front deck last night just at sundown...

What does your new week promise?  How will 2011 be different for you? 

Years ago, when every moment seemed to count, I would divide my plans for each new year into groups:


and since I think I need to regroup organizationally maybe I need to put some thought into these again.  Somehow I thought when I called myself retired I would automatically get so much more done but without plans for each day and week time can disappear with no trace of value left beind.

So here I am with a clean page, last year erased from view, deciding how to spend my time.

Spiritually:  More time specifically spent in meditation and prayer.
Body:  Walk an hour a day and eat mindfully.  Sit-ups, push-ups increased.
Mind:  Continue with art lessons, start cello lessons again and read books of value.  With my art I will aim to post a photo a day and sketch/paint something every day.  That is easy because art keeps me humming.
People:  Connect with someone here or off island every day.  You would be amazed how easy it is to just go from day to day with no interraction with others because of our isolation.
Financial: Track expenses thoroughly.
Work:  I suppose I could call my gardens work but I do love my work.  This year I want all of my gardens, flower, shrub and vegetable re-worked and flourishing, including my greenhouse restarted.  So that will be work.

Please, share with me what your plans are for the new year and what you expect from the next 364 days so we can encourage one another.   Thank you for coming along for a ride through time!

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